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Northern Devon’s charge towards a green tech economy

By Peter Morrish – Technology and Customer Support Manager at the Condition Monitoring Technology Group.


Exciting Futures: Northern Devon’s Charge Towards a Green Tech Economy

Northern Devon, known for its scenic beauty and calm ambience, stands at the cusp of transformative change. The urgency for a sustainable, green tech economy grows as the world grapples with climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion. Northern Devon is ready to answer this call, and here’s why it matters.


A Strong Foundation in Manufacturing and Technology

Many might not know that Northern Devon has a vibrant manufacturing and technology base, which is crucial as we need home-grown talents and innovations to forge ahead. However, this high-tech base often goes unnoticed, especially among young people considering their career paths.


Unleashing the Potential for a Net Zero Future

Northern Devon finds itself in a unique position with the UK and the world aiming for net zero emissions. The region can attract investments and contribute services and energy locally, nationally, and globally. This can lead to significant transformations – new careers, better infrastructure, and a thriving community.


Leveraging Southwest’s Green Ambitions

As part of the Southwest, Northern Devon is home to various organisations and assets essential for the Beyond Zero agenda. The Southwest aims to be England’s greenest economy with the likes of the Met Office, UK Hydrographic Office, CEFAS, universities, colleges, and businesses like Harland & Wolff, Condition Monitoring Technology Group (CMTG) and Seiche.


Aspiring for A Brighter, Inclusive Northern Devon

Contributing to the Northern Devon Future groups mission statement, the vision is clear: “By 2050, Northern Devon should be a place of health, prosperity, and sustainability, known for aspiration and innovation – a place where everyone has an opportunity to succeed, and nobody is left behind.”


Technology Transfer: The Key to Evolution

There’s significant potential for technology transfer. Current businesses can adapt and support emerging sectors. For example, fishing boats could evolve into clean electrical vehicles for operational services. The upcoming Marine Futures event hosted by Petroc College on 22nd June will highlight such transitions and discuss the support available for businesses seeking growth.


Balancing Growth with Environmental Protection

At the heart of a UNESCO Biosphere, Northern Devon must balance development and environmental preservation. The region’s rich ecosystem and natural capital are valuable assets that can shape a future anchored in sustainability.


A Call to Action

A green tech economy in Northern Devon is more than an opportunity; it’s imperative. It promises a sustainable future that benefits both people and the planet. Creating jobs, boosting the economy, combating climate change, and preserving resources are the stakes.

Government, Businesses, Schools and our Community – let’s pull together and make this dream a reality. Northern Devon has the potential; let’s unlock it for a cleaner, greener future for us and future generations.


On 22 June, the University Centre at Petroc is hosting Marine Futures Day. An event that showcases and promotes exciting new areas such as Floating Offshore Wind, Green Hydrogen, Renewables, Clean propulsion, aquaculture, ecology, marine vehicles, and technology. Register now for the Marine Futures community event.




19 June 2023


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