Part-time Animal Care

With 10.9 million cats, 9.9 million dogs, and nearly a million rabbits* living with us at any one time, it’s plain to see that we are a nation of animal lovers.
Pets are much more than just furry creatures that we welcome into our living space; they’re four-legged family members. That’s the reason why the UK spends in excess of £4 billion a year on pet care.

Pet grooming in particular has seen a sharp increase in demand over recent years; in 2018 we spent over £260 million on keeping our furry family members looking their very best - making pet grooming an excellent career choice.

Taught by our team of industry-expert tutors, in our wellequipped facilities, we offer a Level 2 Certificate in Dog Grooming and a Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming - both available for part-time learning. 

At Petroc we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of study, so we’ve developed a range of part-time educational programmes, that are perfect if you have existing work, study, or home life commitments.

So, whether you’re looking to completely change career direction, or just want to take on a new challenge - we’re here to help you go further in life.

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