Statutory Reporting

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Petroc is committed to providing a framework to help facilitate and maintain harmonious, constructive and effective employee relations. In line with the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017, below are our details in regards to the reporting requirements:

  • The number of trade union representatives in Petroc is five, with a full time equivalent of 3.62.
  • The percentage of their time spent of facility time is within the bracket of 1% - 50%.
  • The percentage of the pay bill spent on facility time is 0.10%.
  • The percentage of paid facility time spent on trade union activities is 100%.

Petroc has monitored a range of equality characteristics for both staff and students for many years. This data has been used to monitor our performance against equality targets, to highlight any areas where we need to improve, and inform objectives. Our monitoring is in line with HESA requirements.

Male 35%
Female 65%

Ethnicity (All)
White 96%
BME 3%
1% Withheld

Disabled 1.5%
Not Disabled 98.5%

Up to 21 3%
21-30 13%
31-40 18%
41-50 27%
51-60 26%
61-70 13%

Religious 31%
Not Religious 3%
Didn't Specify 66%