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AAT Certificate in Accounting - Level 2 - Part-time (North Devon)

Level 2
Course Code:
North Devon Campus
Starts 14th September 2021 - One year

The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting is an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to pursue a career in accountancy or finance. The purpose of the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting is to offer grounding in the core accounting knowledge and skills needed to progress either to employment or to further study.

Students studying part time alongside employment or those who already have some work experience may wish to choose the AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting to focus solely on building their accountancy and finance skills in order to progress quickly to the next level of study.


The AAT Foundation Certificate in Accounting covers a range of foundation accounting and finance skills in five mandatory units:

- Bookkeeping Transactions
- Bookkeeping Controls
- Elements of Costing
- Using Accounting Software
- Work Effectively in Finance

The purpose of this qualification is to ensure that students are well prepared to progress into a career in business, finance or professional accountancy, or into further education.

A student completing this qualification will develop accountancy skills in double-entry bookkeeping and basic costing, as well as an understanding of purchase, sales and general ledgers. Students will learn to use accounting software and to develop the professional skills and behaviours needed to contribute effectively in the workplace. Working in accountancy requires good communication skills, IT skills and an understanding of the business environment, all of which are covered by this qualification.
All of the units within the qualification are mandatory: Four units are assessed individually in end-of-unit assessments, but this qualification also includes a synoptic assessment that students sat towards the end of the qualification. The synoptic assessment draws on and assesses knowledge and understanding from across the qualification.
There is an additional cost if learners would like to purchase accompanying study guides. Petroc receive a discount and learners will be advised of this at induction.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.
Q: When is this programme taught?
A: The programme will be taught on Tuesday's.

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