Your Study Programme

If you are 16-19 years old then you have two main choices for furthering your education at college:

  • You will be enrolled on a full-time Study Programme; or
  • You will have found a job with an employer who has taken you on as an apprentice, and Petroc will be providing the training in partnership with your employer.


If you are enrolled on a full-time Study Programme, this will be delivered at college or online over a Monday to Friday working week. A Study Programme is made up of different parts including:

  • Academic or Vocational qualification: You will study your main qualification to help you access the career you want when you leave college.
  • Maths and English Language development (if required): English and Maths are essential in today’s world of work. If you are yet to achieve a GCSE grade 4 in either of these subjects, you will take them alongside your main qualification in order to achieve a grade 4 or above. But don’t worry – you will be provided with expert support and tuition throughout.
  • Work Preparation and Work Experience: All full-time learners will undertake between 30 and 375 hours of work experience (depending on your qualification and course level). We have a dedicated team who will support you in planning your work experience and will provide you with expert careers advice to make sure the work you undertake will benefit your future career.
  • Tutor Support: Our curriculum-led staff will provide ongoing support and monitoring of your academic learning through Academic Progress Tutorials. They will help you to achieve beyond your target grades and progress into your chosen academic or employment pathway. They will support your personal and professional development, enabling you to develop the skills and characteristics needed to go further in life.
  • Sustainability: Tackling the climate emergency is at the core of Petroc’s aims and objectives. We are committed to ensuring that all learners at Petroc will gain an understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and lecturers will help you identify how you can improve the sustainability of your future employment sectors.
  • Personal Development Awards: As part of your Study Programme, you will be supported in developing six key areas of personal and employability behaviours to prepare you for a successful future in the working world. These awards provide an excellent opportunity for you to track your own progress, identify any areas that require further attention, and focus on your own personal development, as well as provide evidence of your strengths to employers and universities.

Need further assistance?

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