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What is a T-level?

T-levels are brand new, Level 3, two-year qualifications that equip students with the technical and industry-specific skills to excel in their chosen career path. T-levels have been designed with leading businesses and employers to create a high-quality qualification to prepare them for their next steps.

T-levels will provide a clear, technical alternative to other post-16 options, such as A-levels and Apprenticeships.

From 2021, Petroc will be offering T-levels in the following pathways:

  • Construction
  • Digital
  • Education
  • Health and Science

Each following year we will be launching more T-levels, until all 24 T-level subjects will be available.


What is an industry placement?

As part of a T-level programme, students will need to complete an industry placement. These students will arrive work-ready and will be expected to complete 45 days of work experience covering 315 hours.

The industry placement can be completed one day a week throughout the academic year and/or as a block over college holidays. We can work closely with you to arrange a structure to meet your needs.

We are looking for employers to engage in this opportunity and provide placement for students over the two-year duration of their course.

We are looking for employers that are interested in offering a placement to students who will be starting the first phase of T-levels in 2021. We are also looking for employers to trial placement in other industries, including: Animal Care, Hair and Beauty, Catering and Hospitality, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Business and Administration and Engineering.


What are the benefits? 


  • Attract a new generation of thinkers
  • Tackle skills shortages in our area
  • Streamline your recruitment process

New ideas

  • Students will have skills appropriate for specific projects and tasks
  • Up-to-date learning
  • Increased creativity from a fresh perspective


  • You can create case studies to promote your credentials as a good employer
  • Recognition as innovative and forward-thinking
  • Raised profile with customers, as industry placements become more well-known

Staff development

  • Opportunities for your staff to develop mentor and management skills
  • Opportunities to diversify teams with students


What activities can students support you with?

The industry placement could either be centred around a particular project or task, or the learner could provide assistance for ongoing tasks that you might need support with.

We have created industry placement role descriptions for you to review how a student might fit into your organisation. These documents are a general guide, however, there is a real opportunity for you to mould the placement into what works best for your organisation. Please find these documents to the right of this page.

  • Industry placement examples: Construction
  • Industry placement examples: Digital
  • Industry placement examples: Health and Science

We are also looking for placements in the following areas:

  • Industry placement examples: Business and Administration
  • Industry placement examples: Engineering

We recognise the vital role employers play in developing the workforce and delivering outstanding practice. Collaborating through industry placement will provide the correct calibre of students to enhance any workforce. 

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Over the academic year, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Strategic Development Network (SDN) are hosting a series of webinars for employers, looking at what industry placements look like in the following skill areas:

The following webinars have already taken place, but please click on the links to view the recordings.

In the webinars, you’ll have the chance to hear from employers who are already hosting placements in these roles, how industry placement students might contribute to your workforce development in the current circumstances, and the support now available.

The sessions are free of charge. Find out more and view the full list of webinars available.

DfE has also put together an industry placement website where you can find more guidance, tools and support.

If you are interested in supporting industry placements and upskilling of the workforce, please contact the Industry Placement Team.