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Your personal circumstances should not be a barrier to fulfilling your potential here at Petroc. Funding is available to learners for help with childcare costs while attending classes at Petroc (subject to meeting the criteria).

To apply for Care to Learn funding, you will need to go to the Care to Learn website which provides information on the funding you will receive, as well as a link to apply.

Petroc will need to see evidence of your child(ren)’s Birth Certificate and Child Benefit. This can be scanned and emailed to the Advice & Guidance Centre, or brought in for us to see in person. This will allow us to complete the application.

We will monitor your attendance as part of the Care to Learn application. If you withdraw from College or do not attend, funds will not be approved.

Please read the information below or contact us for more details.

Funding options

Learners who are under the age of 20 at the beginning of their course, and who have a child/children, can apply directly for funding from the government’s Care to Learn scheme. 

You can find further information and how to apply on the Care to Learn website.

Learners who are aged 20 and over at the beginning of their course, can apply to one of the College Bursaries for help with childcare costs: Either the 19+ Bursary or the Advanced Learner Loan Bursary.

Please note:

The Advanced Learner Loan Bursary is only available to learners that have applied for the Advanced Learner Loan to cover their course fees. Funding will not be released from the Bursary until your loan has been approved. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria for the Bursaries, you can apply for 90% of your childcare costs to be covered while you are in attendance at College. Once you have applied to the Bursary and provided the required supporting financial evidence, your application will be assessed.

Funds provided: 

The maximum childcare support is £300 per week. You will be required to cover the remaining 10% of the cost of childcare, as well as any extras (including meals). 

Childcare support can be used to support the costs of any form of formal registered childcare. This includes nursery, crèche, childminder or out-of-school hours place. 

Childcare costs can only be paid to OFSTED-registered providers. Anyone covering your childcare on a casual basis cannot be paid (i.e. partners or friends).

All childcare costs will be paid to the registered person/organisation. You will need to organise whether the provider will send the invoices directly to the College, or whether you will be responsible for sending invoices. These should be sent to the Advice & Guidance Centre email address.

Childcare support for the holidays can also be offered; the exact amount will depend on any discounts offered by your provider.


Please note that you must have full attendance on your course for childcare support to continue. This is monitored on a regular basis and you will be notified if this is not satisfactory. The childcare support could stop if full attendance is not maintained.

Childcare forms:

You will be required to complete two additional childcare forms: One will be for you to complete with your details and the other is for your childcare provider to complete. 

Please select that you require childcare support on your Bursary application. Once you have provided your income/benefit evidence and your Bursary has been approved, an email will be sent to you with the necessary childcare forms. (If you haven't received this email within 10 days of your Bursary approval please contact us).

Childcare providers:

For further information on local nurseries, childminders and registered childcare providers, please see Devon County Council’s Family Information Services

Need further assistance?

Please get in touch with the Advice & Guidance Centre:

North Devon
01271 852422
01884 235330