Subject area: Creative Industries

Image of Beth Pedlar

Beth Pedlar

I knew that I wanted to study Art and Design and with the course being equal to three A-levels I decided it was the course for me. Throughout my time …

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Image of Mia Pilton

Mia Pilton

I have always been creative and loved anything arts and crafts. I wasn’t sure what career I wanted to go into, so my plan was to choose something I knew …

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Image of Molly Barrett

Molly Barrett

I chose Petroc because it had a wide variety of creative courses that were close to home. I’d just completed the Extended Diploma in Performing Arts with D*D*D* and I …

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Harry Derges

For me, coming to Petroc allowed to stay within the local area of North Devon whilst studying at a place that I had previously studied at and had been encouraged …

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Image of Gemma Tweedie

Gemma Tweedie

Why did you choose to come to Petroc? As part of my recovery after suffering from a deep depression for four years, I was advised to try Art on Prescription …

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Image of Faye Allison

Faye Allison

Why did you choose to come to Petroc? It was my local college, and I remember seeing the art barns and being amazed that there was all this space and …

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Image of Dee Jackson

Dee Jackson

Despite my technical career in electronics, I’ve always had an interest in creative and artistic endeavour. I had considered an art and design course many years ago but after speaking …

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