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We offer four Aspire programmes: Sustainability, Humanities and Social Sciences, STEM and VETMED. Each has been developed to expand your knowledge and passion for your chosen subject area.

To join our Aspire Programme you need to demonstrate commitmentdedication to developing your knowledge in the subject area, and a track record of high predicted grades and a good record of achievements at school.

Take a look below for more information about each programme. Or why not view this recording of our recent Aspire webinar!

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Aspire programmes

Human life is intricately connected to both the living and physical planet. In this programme, you will explore the ever-evolving topic of sustainability and environmental science and discover how human exploitation of resources is altering natural processes, and critically examine sustainable solutions.

The programme follows the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations, which cover a wide range of topics that impact upon people and the planet. You will study global issues that range from equality and poverty to cities and industry, in addition to climate action and ecosystems. You’ll hear from guest speakers from organisations such as Devon Wildlife Trust, Exmoor National Park and Plastic Free North Devon who have developed strategies for sustainability – as well as the chance for field trips to stunning locations including Lundy Island.

There will also be the opportunity to complete an Open University course on economic equality, and explore possibilities of internships and employment connected with the environment. This programme is suitable for anyone studying environmental science, geography, science or social sciences, but is also open to anyone with a keen interest in the environment.

This is an exciting opportunity for students seeking to explore subjects including English, history, philosophy, law, politics, psychology and sociology. The programme will challenge how you see the world and stretch your mind, where you’ll explore and debate the questions of our time. You’ll be encouraged to look into new areas of study connected with your topic, including
presentations, books, events and online courses. There will also be opportunities to enter academic competitions such as the Tower Poetry Prize and the Appledore Book Festival short story competition.

This programme is perfect for anyone studying Humanities or Social Science subjects with a thirst for knowledge and dedication to an aspirational future.

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This programme is designed for students passionate about science, technology, engineering or maths who want to enhance their understanding of the scientific world.

You’ll hear from guest speakers who will give real insight into their world of work. Last year, we heard from top scientists talking about new discoveries, such as the quest for life beyond our planet, as well as engineers from McLaren Racing. You will also take part in events run by The Royal Institution and The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP), as well as the chance to attend an Introduction Data Science course run by the MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).

There will be lots of great opportunities open to you, such as industrial placements in STEM industries, the chance to complete an Extended Project Qualification in your chosen field, and even the opportunity to get involved with NASA! Ideally, you’ll have a strong mathematics and science background, but enthusiasm for STEM is the crucial factor.

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This programme is designed for students aspiring to achieve careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science and nursing. You will have the opportunity to be part of our prestigious initiative developed by Petroc and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust with support from Health Education South West, providing real ‘as it happens’ work placement opportunities.

You will learn from guest speakers who work in a variety of medical roles, such as former students who have gone on to study veterinary medicine, so you can ask probing questions about what it is really like to work in the industry you aspire to be in.

There will be the chance to take part in practical sessions that go beyond the normal A-level syllabus and take part in workshops in areas such as dissection and optometry. You will also be encouraged to expand your knowledge through online courses.

You’ll be expected to have a strong background in sciences, a dedication to your studies and a
desire to work in this field.