Guidance Centre

The Guidance Centre Team is your first stop for impartial and confidential information. They offer advice and guidance to both current and prospective students to help support every element of your progression, achievement and student experience at Petroc.

What can the Guidance Centre help with?

Amongst many other things, the Guidance Centre can help with:

What additional support can the Guidance Centre offer?

The Guidance Centre also provides additional support by liaising with or referring learners internally and externally to:

  • The Student Support Workers
  • The Additional Learning Support Team
  • The Counsellors
  • The Safeguarding Team
  • Careers South West
  • Other agencies (e.g. The Jobcentre Plus)

Petroc learners are at the heart of the Guidance Centre and if our team can’t answer a question, they’ll go above and beyond to find someone who can.

What does Confidentiality mean for me?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to our Guidance Team who are committed to the Data Protection policy and respect and honour its contents through working practice and procedures.

This includes:

  • Delivering an open, impartial and non-judgement approach
  • Ensuring that confidential information disclosed remains private within the Guidance Team.
  • Ensuring that data held is kept secure and free from loss, damage or access by  undisclosed persons
  • Encouraging students to allow information to be disclosed to other parties, ONLY when this would benefit the learner (this may include college staff, parents or external support agencies for example).
  • Ensuring that information discussed is not disclosed to other parties without the student’s permission unless there is a serious threat of harm to the learner or others
    -  There is a legal requirement (e.g. Child Protection or a Court Order for example)

Who are the Guidance Centre Team?

If you have any queries, concerns or questions, drop in and see the team at any time.

Louise Punchard (Guidance Centre Team Leader, Barnstaple)
(01271) 338153

Shelley Cox (IAG Advisor – Careers, Barnstaple)
(01271) 338074

Jane Beer (IAG Advisor – Childcare, Barnstaple)
(01271) 338014

Sharon Found (IAG Advisor – Transport, Barnstaple)
(01271) 338125  

Gemma Connor (IAG Advisor – Barnstaple)
(01271) 338125  

Ellen Heafield (IAG Advisor - 24+ Advanced Learning Loans, Barnstaple)
(01271) 338125

Jo Goldsworthy (Guidance Centre Team Leader, Tiverton)    
(01884) 235245

Lorraine Saupe (IAG Advisor, Tiverton)
(01884) 235330

Contact the Guidance Centre


01271 338125


01884 235330


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Bus Information

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