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Petroc has a specialist Supported Learning department within the mainstream college, which is supported and supervised by experienced tutors and support staff at all times. Our aim is to promote lifelong learning and help our students reach their potential as valued members of society. Petroc Supported Learning Team encourages students to participate in a full transition programme including visits to college and Taster Days throughout the year. 

Literacy and numeracy are embedded throughout each course, certificated through Entry Level qualifications, and are delivered in the context of the course. Students relate these essential skills to their chosen future pathway. The focus for our students is to support them to become ready for employment or supported employment, or to equip them with skills to allow them to be more independent and make a valued contribution to society.

Each student has a six week initial assessment period to determine their base skills and to ensure that they are on the most appropriate course in order to progress at the appropriate pace.

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Project Search
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Students have their timetables tailored to options that they choose relating to their areas of interest and future employment opportunities. These options include: catering, land-based studies, horticulture, furniture restoration, up-cycling, conservation, independent travel skills, logs and kindling, craft, performing arts and dance. We are continually reviewing our provision and resources for the benefit of learner progress. 

Petroc’s Supported Learning department encourages North Devon Campus students to be involved in the Ten Tors Challenge and The Jubilee Challenge. Students have recently built a round house called The Copse which is the arena for outdoor learning.

The Liberty Centre

Petroc has modern and custom-made facilities for our Supported Learning students. 

The Liberty Centre is a social enterprise hub that provides our students with internal work experience placements and provides realistic context-specific opportunities for students to become ready for employment and supported employment. At the heart of The Liberty Centre is a busy and vibrant café, open to the public with a commercial kitchen. Students cater in the kitchen and provide the front of house and waiting services, including taking and delivering orders and using the till for paying customers. 

The Liberty Centre houses an arts, crafts, up-cycling and furniture restoration centre where students learn these transferable skills, take commissions and sell their produce to the college and local community. It also has a performance room for drama, music and dance.

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