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Chartered Manager Apprenticeship Standard

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship, awarded by the University of Plymouth, is for professional managers who take lead responsibility for people, projects, operations and/or services to deliver long term organisational success. It is applicable to professional managers from all sectors – the private, public or third sector – and all sizes of organisation. It has been designed to provide development opportunities for individuals who are at the start of their career, as well as those who may already have developed practical experience but who wish to develop their theoretical understanding of management skills further.

This programme will help you explore a range of perspectives on the nature of leadership and organisations and reflect on your current views of leadership and organisations, and how these relate to your own experience. It is designed to introduce you to the latest tools and techniques to make an impact now, and develop an effective approach to your continued professional development. It will typically take four years to complete, although the exact duration will be dependent on your previous experience. This apprenticeship is based upon the completion of the BA (Hons) Professional Development in Business and Management.

During this apprenticeship, you will be required to learn the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

Organisational Performance:
– Understand how to develop and implement organisational strategy and plans.
– Know how a project moves through planning, design, development, deployment and evaluation.
– Understand financial strategies, including budgets, financial management and accounting.
– Know how to create marketing and sales strategies.
– Understand approaches to innovation and digital technologies and their impact on organisations.

Interpersonal Excellence:
– Understand different forms of communication and how to apply them.
– Understand different inclusive leadership styles and models, how to develop teams and support people using coaching and mentoring approaches.
– Know how to recruit, manage and develop people, using inclusive talent management approaches.
– Understand approaches to stakeholder, customer and supplier management, developing engagement, facilitating cross functional working and negotiation.

Personal Effectiveness:
– Know how to be self-aware and recognise different learning styles.
– Know how to manage time, set goals, prioritise activities and undertake forward planning in a business environment with a focus on outcomes.
– Know how to undertake research, data analysis, problem solving and decision-making techniques, and understand the values, ethics and governance of your organisation.

Organisational Performance:
– Develop and deliver operational plans; set targets and KPIs, manage resources, and monitor and measure outcomes to establish operational effectiveness.
– Plan, organise and manage resources in order to achieve organisational goals.
– Manage budgets, controlling expenditure and production of financial reports.
– Use customer insight and analysis of data to determine and drive customer service outcomes and improve customer relationships.
– Identify service/organisational improvements and opportunities for innovation and growth.

Interpersonal Excellence:
– Communicate clearly, effectively and regularly using oral, written and digital channels and platforms.
– Able to articulate organisational purpose and values.
– Able to build teams, empower and motivate others to improve performance or achieve outcomes.
– Able to build rapport and trust, develop networks and maintain relationships with people from a range of cultures, backgrounds and levels.

Personal Effectiveness:
– Able to reflect on own performance, identifying and acting on learning and development needs.
– Able to create personal development plan and use widely recognised tools and techniques.
– Use evidence-based tools and ethical approaches to undertake problem solving and critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation to support decision making.

– Drive to achieve in all aspects of work, demonstrating resilience and determination.
– Open, approachable, authentic, and able to build trust with others.
– Flexible to the needs of the organisation.
– Set an example, ethical, fair, consistent and impartial.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, you will have Chartered Manager status accredited by the Chartered Management Institute

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Aug 2022 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : AB105 (2022)
Level : Level 6
Duration : 3 Years
North Devon campus Apply

Course details


You will be engaged in a range of individual and team assessments. There is a balance of traditional written assignments, professional posters and team projects.

Entry Requirements

Students should have prior attainment of a Level 5 qualification in Business or Management.


At present, this programme is the highest level qualification offered by Petroc; however, students who gain this qualification will be entitled, and encouraged, to enrol on programmes of post-graduate study such as MA, MBA and PhD programmes at a range of UK universities.

Facilities and resources

As an apprentice, you will have full access to the college facilities.


Q: Do I have to purchase textbooks for this course?

A: There is a core reading list for each module and these books are available in our Learning Resource Centres.

Q. Is this course suitable for mature students?

A. Yes, there is a diverse range of ages and backgrounds on this programme.

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Starting Date : 01/08/2022
Course Code : AB105 (2022) North Devon campus Apply

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