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Electrical & Plumbing Vocational Courses

Learn essential skills in our state-of-the-art plumbing and electrical workshops.

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Industry leading courses

Good electricians and plumbers are like gold dust and are always in demand! When you study on one of our electrical or plumbing courses, we will help you on your journey to become fully qualified and reach the top of your chosen field.

When you study with us, you will learn the skills needed to understand individual job requirements, how to test and install, and of course, learn the relevant health and safety requirements. 

Our state-of-the-art plumbing and electrical workshops are to the highest standards and are fully equipped with the latest testing and commissioning equipment that sets apart the true professionals of the industry. And our team of industry-qualified and highly skilled lecturers will guide and support you every step of the way.

We encourage our students to enter competitions and are proud that previous Petroc students have won regional and national Skills competitions.

Whether you’re considering running your own business, or prefer the idea of working for someone else, the experience you will gain on our electrical and plumbing courses will provide you with the experience, skills and knowledge to forge a successful career. 


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I chose to study at Petroc because it is a nice little college, with a lot of courses especially in the trades.


Plumbing Studies, Level 2

Plumbers were the most in demand trade in 2020

(Rated People and Vanarama)

Plumbing, heating and air conditioning installation businesses in the UK



British Electricians, on average, want to work for themselves or own their own business by the age of 20


Why Petroc should be your first choice

Petroc offers high quality education and training across North and Mid Devon. We provide outstanding learning, excellent facilities, strong connections to employers and a supportive environment to help you fulfil your education goals and set you on your path to the career of your dreams.

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We offer a supportive and inclusive environment where you can flourish and feel a valued member of the college and wider community. 


Our teaching spaces and facilities are some of the best in the region, providing stimulating and true-to-life learning environments. 


We’ll provide you with the experiences you need to be ready for employment or the next step on your educational journey.