Becoming an Apprentice

Experience is a key factor in the world of work, so apprenticeships can help provide you with work-based experience whilst you are training. They are a great career/education blend, which means you can gain essential training while you build a practical skillset in your workplace alongside professionals.

Gaining an apprenticeship

It is important to remember that you must be employed for the period of the apprenticeship for 30 hours or more a week, aged 16+, and not in full-time education.

Alongside your job, you will receive high quality training specifically tailored to suit your role and the industry you are working in.

Petroc offers two different methods of delivery:

  • Workplace delivery: The tutor delivers the training within your workplace.
  • Classroom-based delivery: The tutor delivers the training in a classroom and can be delivered by either day or block release.

Apprenticeships require continuous employment for the length of the training, and training can last from 1 to 4 years. You will continue to be paid for the hours spent training away from the workplace.

If you would like to be an apprentice, then you need to find an employer who is willing to employ you or, if you are currently employed, you or your employer can contact our Apprenticeship Team to discuss the options further.