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Installation Electrician/Maintenance Electrician – Apprenticeship

Electricians install, maintain and repair electrical systems in industrial, commercial and domestic environments.

Installation Electricians work on the installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of low voltage (less than 1000v) electrical and electronic devices and appliances.

Maintenance Electricians work on the maintenance of electrical and electrnic installations including automated production systems. Duties include the supervision of the equipment, its maintenance and necessary repairs.

During this apprenticeship, you will be required to learn the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

Engineers use engineering knowledge and understanding to apply their technical and practical skills. They will contribute to the design, development, manufacture, construction, commissioning, operation or maintenance of products, equipment, processes, systems or services. Electricians must:
– Understand and apply the principles, practices and legislation for the termination and connection of conductors, cables and cords in electrical systems.
– Understand and apply the practices and procedures for the preparation and installation of wiring systems and electrotechnical equipment in buildings, structures and the environment.
– Understand and apply the principles, practices and legislation for the inspection, testing, commissioning and certification of electrotechnical systems and equipment in buildings, structures and the environment.
– Understand and apply the principles, practices and legislation for diagnosing and correcting electrical faults in electrotechnical systems and equipment in buildings, structures and the environment.
– Understand and apply the electrical principles associated with the design, building, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment and systems.
– Oversee and organise the work environment.

In addition:

Installation Electricians must:
– Understand and apply the principles of planning and selection for the installation of electrotechnical equipment and systems in buildings, structures and the environment.

Maintenance Electricians must:
– Understand and apply the practices and procedures for planning and preparing to maintain electrotechnical systems and equipment.
In all of these activities, Electricians must understand and apply health and safety and environmental regulations, guidance notes and relevant codes of practice; and the requirements of the current edition of the Wiring Regulations.

Electricians will be expected to:
– Work reliably and effectively without close supervision.
– Accept responsibility for the work of themselves and others.
– Accept allocate and supervise technical and other tasks.
– Use oral, written and electronic methods for the communication of technical and other information.
– Work effectively with colleagues, other trades, clients, suppliers and the public.
– Undertake work in a way that contributes to sustainable development.
– Maintain and enhance competence in own area.
– Exercise responsibilities in an ethical manner.

By the end of your apprenticeship you will have satisfied the requirements for registration as Eng Tech by the Engineering Council.

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Sep 2024 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : AB35 (2024)
Level : Level 3
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Course details


You will be assessed by on-programme Assessment and end-point assessment.

Entry Requirements

Individual employers will identify any relevant entry requirements in terms of previous qualifications, trainability tests, or other criteria. Most candidates will be required to have English and mathematics at Level 2.


On completion of this course you will be fully qualified, however you may wish to progress to a supervisory or management qualifications or a Foundation Degree.

Facilities and resources

As an apprentice, you will have full access to the college facilities.

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Starting Date : 09/09/2024
Course Code : AB35 (2024) North Devon Campus Apply

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