Our Vision

To provide our learners with highly valuable and quality learning aligned to the skill demands, enabling them to progress locally, nationally and globally into sucessful careers.
To support our staff to enable them to provide a highly valuable and qulity learning expericance for their learners. to give them the best chance to become successful in the future.

Our Team

  • Annemarie O'Brian - Petroc Stem Lead
  • Linda Broomhead - STEM Ambassador (Mid Devon)

Our Story

We have a long history of a focus on STEM, we recently renewed our STEM Assurance status, but had been STEM Assured from 3 years previously. The STE(A)M agenda is therefore very much at the heart of the College, as indicated by the College Strategy of 2018-2021.

This Petroc STE(A)M strategy intends to be:

  1. Connected: creating synergy across the college offers to ensure sustainability and scalability of provision, and by rationalising, where possible, provision and resources to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of delivery and reach across the areas where the college operates. The STE(A)M Strategy advocates the need for additional cross-curricular activities where innovation in curriculum development, enrichment, access and delivery by learners and employers can be further enhanced;
  2. Contextualised: serving the local priorities and needs of employers and learners by providing contextualised STE(A)M provision and solutions aligned to support the local economies and communities where the college operates;
  3. Contemporary: embracing horizon scanning to ensure new and emerging technology areas of economic growth are developed and curriculum is continuously nourished to support employer needs and learners expectations.

What does it mean to be STEM Assured?

It means we offer learners a STE(A)M education. We are the only ones in Devon who do this and we have the 'badge' to show that an independent organisation has judged us as 'best practice' in doing this. It means therefore we have the confidence to sell ourselves as such and celebrate what we do to be 'STEM centred'.

If we are offering all learners a STE(A)M education, it means that we promoting a STE(A)M designed curriculum, and all learners will have the opportunity to learn STE(A)M skills, ready for the workplace.

What is this website for?

A recent study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has found that almost half (43%) of STEM vacancies are “hard to fill”.

This means that, as a pre-emptive strategy for ensuring young people are positively influenced by STEM subjects at a young age, employer engagement is vital. Connecting students with employers from STEM-related industries has been proven to enhance understanding, heighten performance and promote aspiration. This site therefore hopes to provide a service to all staff wanting to improve their engagement with employers to the benefit of their leaners. It also provides resources to support STE(A)M integration across the curriculum and supports engagement in STEM Ambassadorship for both staff and learners.

“Employer engagement has been proven to enhance student employability and, when taken seriously, students are five times less likely to become Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET). Recent research points to employer-led curriculum learning as one example of delivering an effective method of education to students hoping to learn about the realities of working life.”* At Petroc we will build on our current strong positive working relationship with local employers throughout Devon, as well as support local STEM Ambassadors organisation to ensure that all learners receive input from employers to advise them on career opportunities and characters and skills  required to fill the ‘skills gap’.