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Politics A Level

Politics is an exciting A Level that explores relationships between governments, people and ideas, and will enable you to understand, analyse and react to a dynamic global system. It links …

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Business A Level

When you study Business A Level, you will learn to demonstrate the interrelated nature of business using business models, theories and techniques to support analysis of contemporary business issues and …

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Law A Level

Law may be one of the most prestigious career paths you can follow and this two-year programme of study provides an excellent grounding in the subject. Not only will you …

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Psychology A Level

Student feedback on Psychology at Petroc continually features one word; ‘Fascinating!’. The nature of studying ourselves and other people is incredibly interesting. What makes us think, feel and behave? How …

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Sociology A Level

This stimulating and topical Sociology A Level course enables you to better understand people’s behaviour and the societal influence on their lives. It will give you a real insight into …

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Economics A Level

Economics is a vibrant, exciting and relevant subject opening the door to numerous, well-rewarded career opportunities. It offers a contemporary course that relates economic theories to today’s problems and challenges …

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